xLearno focuses on providing technology education to every person around the globe.

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About xLearno

xLearno is an education company but not one in the way you think. We are focused in creating personalized education which guides the students in right direction. We are commited to spread technology education to every person around the globe. We aim, every person can afford technical education which later helps them to shape their career.

Education which schools & universities provide, in a four-wall classroom, is not suffiecient in todays world. Technology has gone too far, it's your time to take the right step.

Our Mission

60% of all jobs out there are computing jobs. We are on a mission to engage every person, regardless his age, gender or race to dive into technology.

We believe, just providing education is not enough. For this, we are commited in helping our students to find a perfect job. At xLearno, we trust in skills & logic, not in degrees or qualifications.

The education & work system is broken, join xLearno to help change the way education & work system should work.

Meet The Team

Nirayu Chauhan

CTO / Curriculum Developer

Adrian Hajdin

COO / HR Manager

Bianca Michaloskei

Lead Backend Developer

Adrian Chavarria

Backend Developer

Yugen Chokshi

CEO / Founder